100 is on the way

As hard as it is to believe, it’s almost here. In a mere four days on Thursday, November 20, the 100th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle will land right here at its mothership for the first time in three years. As of this morning, I only have six submissions. That’s not nearly enough! I need more, lots more, by 5 PM EST on Wednesday. Send them to [email protected].

Don’t make me start perusing skeptical blogs to raid and pillage posts as I see fit. You wouldn’t like that, and neither would I, as I somehow managed to schedule myself to do this little shindig during a particularly insane week that may require a late nighter Wednesday in order to get this done. You know how cranky Orac gets when he doesn’t get his downtime, although rest deprivation does sometimes make his circuits work in unusual (and entertaining) ways.