Welcome to the Age of Ignorance

Everyone knows that the quackery-friendly, antivaccine blog Age of Autism has a rather–shall we say?–hypocritical stance when it comes to free speech. For one thing, for all their complaints about censorship and not being heard by the government, its denizens frequently confuse freedom of speech with freedom from criticism. For another thing, they also ruthlessly censor comments that they do not like on their blog itself. Worst of all, they tacitly support the “outing” of pseudonymous commenters if such commenters annoy them enough.

Someone’s finally gotten tired of it. Indeed, someone has decided to produce a blog where skeptics can actually comment about posts on AoA without having to go through the antivaccine, quackery-friendly filter of the “contributors” (and I use the term loosely, as the only thing they contribute to is the general level of ignorance of the population) to AoA.

Welcome to…The Age of Ignorance.