Mandatory reading to rebut the antivaccine “too many too soon” propaganda

Leave it to an infectious disease specialist (Dr. Mark Crislip) to dismantle the most recent favorite talking point of the antivaccine fringe, namely “too many too soon,” that deceptive and scientifically ignorant concept that somehow the current vaccine schedule “overwhelms” the immune system of infants, causing all manner of chronic health conditions and neurological problems, including autism. In his usual characteristic level of sarcasm that earns him a tip of the hat as far as not-so-respectful insolence goes, he entitles his lesson:

The infection schedule versus the vaccine schedule.

It should be mandatory reading for Barbara Loe Fisher, Jenny McCarthy, J.B. Handley, Dan Olmsted, Kim Stagliano, and all the other antivaccine cranks over at Age of Autism and elsewhere who endanger public health with their pseudoscientific cult belief that vaccines cause autism and all sorts of horrific complications. Not that it will do any good. These people long ago left reason and science behind when it comes to anything having to do with vaccines. But I’m an optimist. Hope springs eternal.