Santa Claus will take you to hell…the video

The other day, I mentioned how the ever-warped and evil Westboro Baptist Church wanted in on the Washington State melee in which every religious and antireligion group out there is trying to get a display at the capitol after the state allowed a Christian Nativity scene. Included were the lyrics to a lovely jingle these twisted idiots came up with called Santa Claus Will Take You To Hell.

Ed Brayton may have posted an image of the actual poster that the WBC wanted to display and reported that the State of Washington, deluged with requests for displays, has declared a moratorium on new displays until the government can figure out what to do, but I’ve gone one better. Here’s the video of Fred Phelps’ cult of hateful loonies actually singing the song:

It doesn’t have a good beat, and you can’t dance to it, as evidenced near the end of the video by the clumsy attempt at a chorus line.

This time around, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. I realize the WBC is an easy target, but it’s an easy target because it’s about as good an example as there exists for just how badly radical fundamentalist religion can warp people.