The last Skeptics’ Circle of 2008…

…is due out in a mere four days.

Yes, on Thursday, December 18, Bing McGhandi over at Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes will be closing out 2008 by hosting the 102nd Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle.

But there’s a problem.

Bing has informed me that he only has three entries as of last night. With only four days to go, that’s not good. Come on, skeptics! Do you want to finish out 2008 with a bang or with a whimper? This is not only going to be the last Skeptics’ Circle for a year, but it’s going to be four weeks between the 102nd and 103rd Meetings of the Skeptics’ Circle. The reason is that the next usual date for a Skeptics’ Circle installment falls on New Years Day and I didn’t want to impose on anyone to be spending their New Years Eve writing a Skeptics’ Circle or to be saddled with hosting on a day when blog traffic is virtually guaranteed to be very low. (In my experience, Christmas and New Years Day are reliably the two lowest traffic days of the year, and I like to think that the Skeptics’ Circle is a way that bloggers can boost their traffic and incoming links. That’s less likely to happen on a major holiday.)

So, come on! Send your best skeptical blogging to Bing! The contact information is here. The guidelines are here. Let’s finish out 2008 with a flurry of great skeptical blogging!