Monday afternoon mandatory reading

Three goodies on skepticism and science:

  1. Skeptical Battlegrounds: Part III – Alternative Medicine. Suffice it to say, Steve agrees with me. He just lays it all out in one post instead of ten.
  2. Once again, Egnor and Tautologies. Blogchild Mark Chu-Carroll takes on our favorite creationist neurosurgeon, Dr. Egnor. This time he deals directly with something I’ve touched upon recently: Egnor’s false labeling of the theory of evolution as a tautology.
  3. Alternative Medicine’s Rapid Spread? Nonsense. Oddly enough, Avery Camarow, whose articles I’ve taken issue with before for credulity towards the claims of “alternative medicine,” gets it right this time. Heck, he even agrees with my assessment.