If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: Crash this poll

I know, I know, I’ve criticized P.Z. Myer’s poll-crashing proclivities as being childish and pointless. However, so few people seem to agree with my take on it that I’m wondering whether, if I can’t beat ’em I should join ’em. So let’s try it out.

On the Obama Transition Team website, Generation Rescue has put up this question (just type in the search term “Generation Rescue” to find the question:

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey were named 2008 Couple of the Year (www.ageofautism.com) due to their advocacy work for Generation Rescue. Why hasn’t the Transistion Team made autism a top priority and sat down with the leaders of this organization?

Currently, the tally is 67 for, 17 against the question as a “good question.” That’s a small enough poll that my influence might actually make a difference. I realize my impact will be blunted by the fact that the Obama website requires registration to vote, but let’s see what happens. The worst that happens is that I fall flat on my face and I’ll never do this again, which, depending upon your point of view, might be a good thing.

In the meantime, crash that poll!