Nominated again!

i-8b0d76304f894650db190e849e4e5e31-wa2008_200x100.jpgI realize that I said I would take New Years Day off, but I saw this and felt a brief post was in order.

I also realize that some will never believe that it’s not false modesty when I express amazement that so many people show up here day in and day out to read my written meanderings. It’s also not false modesty when I marvel that I actually am nominated from time to time for various blogging awards and even (on rarer occasions) win.

So it is again that I’ve been nominated for Best Medical/Health Issues Blog of 2008 for the Weblog Awards.

Cool. My thanks to everyone who nominated me.

I also notice one very excellent blog, Autism Vox, as one of the other nominees, which is also very cool. If I can’t win it, I’d love to see Kristina Chew win it. One interesting blog that I hadn’t been aware of include UC Story to J-pouch Life. Even though I don’t do much GI surgery anymore (and hence don’t do ileostomies anymore), as a trained general surgeon I might have to check it out.

Unfortunately, I also note that Junkfood Science has been nominated as well. Although Sandy Szwarc can actually be very good when she is discussing medical matters outside of obesity, diet, and cholesterol, her sound skepticism all too often tends to be trumped by her highly dubious “what me, worry?” stands on anything having to do with obesity, minimizing at ever opportunity the health dangers attributable to diet through her mastery of selective data presentation (a.k.a. “cherry picking) and truly risible thermodynamics arguments. Aside from Szwarc, from what I can tell, any of the nominees would be worthy recipients of the award; so here’s hoping that, whoever wins, it isn’t her.