Bill Maher on Christine Maggiore’s book

Last week, I did multiple posts about the death of HIV/AIDS denialist Christine Maggiore of what for all the world looked like an HIV-related pneumonia, the excuses HIV/AIDS denialists made to try to persuade people that it wasn’t AIDS, and the attempted coverup of damning posts. In the past, I’ve also taken a certain comedian by the name of Bill Maher to task for his antivaccine views, germ theory denialism, and embrace of detoxification quackery and conspiracy mongering about big pharma.

I should have known that wasn’t all. I should have realized that he would be sympathetic to HIV/AIDS denialism. He even posted a positive blurb about Christine Maggiore’s book What If Everything You Thought You Knew about AIDS Was Wrong?:

This is a book everyone should read, and not a moment too soon! One of the most corrosive flaws in America is our tendency toward conformity; in the quest to understand AIDS, it has been stifling. Christine Maggiore prompts the kind of questioning that is the lifeblood of scientific inquiry

Why anyone takes Maher seriously about anything, I have no idea. He’s about as much of a “skeptic” as Deepak Chopra. I suppose one could call him a “freethinker” if “free” means that he’s let his logic and reason go free from his brain and into the woo.