Ring in the new year with….skepticism!

Here we go.

It’s a new year, and, now that the festivities of the holiday season are now clearly a couple of weeks in the past and the deepest darkest depths of winter have descended upon huge swaths of the U.S., what can warm the cockles of a skeptical heart better than a fresh hot blast of great skeptical blogging, courtesy of the Skeptics’ Circle? Ringing in 2009 is Bug Girl at Bug Girl’s Blog with the 103rd Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, the LOL bug edition.

Next up is Space City Skeptics, where the Circle will–if you’ll excuse the term–take off (or maybe I should say “land”) two weeks hence on January 29.

In the meantime, why not make a New Year’s resolution (it’s not too late!) to host a Skeptics’ Circle of your very own? All you have to do is to peruse the Skeptics’ Circle Guidelines and Guidelines for Hosts to make sure you can handle it, and then drop me a line. We’re already approaching the four year mark. So help, keep the tradition going!