Am I that oblivious? Did I actually win?


When I mentioned a while back that, although I like awards as much as the next guy, I don’t go actively seeking them, I wasn’t kidding. As evidence that I wasn’t kidding, I point out that, until some of you started letting me know about it, I had no clue that I had actually won the 2008 Medical Weblog Award for Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog of 2008. In fact, even though I do peruse Medgaget, the blog that hosts the competition, I had somehow missed the post last Friday announcing the winners.

Of course, it would have helped if the Medgadget guys would have shot me a quick e-mail.

In any case, I am surprised and humbled. I realize that a lot of readers probably think my expressions of amazement at the size of my readership and my “aw shucks” bit in the face of praise is an act, but it’s not. Even four years on, I remain amazed that anyone cares about my self-indulgent blather. It’s not that I don’t think I’m any good. It’s rather that I still have a hard time believing I’m that good.

Whether I am or am not “that good,” I remain grateful to my readers, who voted for me in sufficient numbers to put me over the top. You keep me going, and you keep me honest when I screw up.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t congratulate the other winners, including longtime favorite Kevin MD, Life in the Fast Lane, Running for My Life, Clinical Correlations, Life as a Healthcare CIO, and Six Until Me. Good goin’, everyone!