I love the smell of blog napalm in the morning…

…it smells like…fisking.

In this case, it’s a fisking of a particularly annoyingly self-righteous and scientifically ignorant antivaccinationist by a medical student. The annoying drinker of the “vaccines cause autism” Kool Aid is Ginger Taylor. The medical student is Adina Cappell. The slapdown is utterly comprehensive, methodical, and ruthless, pummeling Ginger’s panoply of pseudoscience, logical fallacies, defenses of Jenny McCarthy, and conspiracy mongering under a barrage of science, reason, and fact, leaving nothing but smoldering ruins of antivaccinationist misinformation.

Even better, it’s polite blog napalm; its victim can’t whine about how mean Adina was to her. Please, go give Adina a high five (or, in this age of Obama, a fist bump).

Also, the post that provoked Ginger’s anger, Adina’s treatment of anecdotal evidence in The Disapointment of Hearing “Your Results Don’t Matter” is worth a read, too.