Your Friday Dose of Woo on Saturday: Friday woo in the news

Sometimes, woo makes the news.

Does anyone remember “Professor” Bill Nelson, the cross-dressing “inventor” who created a most amazing woo machine? I’ve written about it three times before:

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This guy sells his device for $20,000 a pop and claims he sells 40 machines a month.

Now, check out this Marketplace episode, Miracle Makers or Money Takers? Watch the whole thing.

It never ceases to amaze me that people fall for this stuff. Here we have flamboyantly sociopathic cross-dressing scammer who’s on the lam having his minions sell this expensive piece of junk in Canada. For some reason, Health Canada licensed it for “reduction of stress.” Why, I don’t know, but it was the foot in the door for Nelson to market his device as a cure for cancer, autism, heart disease–pretty much anything you want. Truly, it is the woo for all seasons, and there’s one born every minute.

Best of all, the show did some tests, and the test results show that the “interface” was only delivering pulses of around 5 mV, and the engineer who did the test said that this couldn’t possibly have any healing effect on the body. One wonders what cost so many thousands of dollars to produce such an instrument. That engineer must be one of those nasty close-minded reductionist scientists who just don’t understand Bill Nelson’s genius. After all, the “scientific studies” he sent to the reporter were nothing more than collections of testimonials.

If you are interested in quackery, watch the video. Apparently nothing is too ridiculous that scammers won’t do it and someone somewhere won’t fall for it. People like Joy, who commented after the video:

This device works on a quantum level. It is beyond people’s understanding at this time. Anybody who deals with energy work like Reiki realizes that this really works. It does not cure but rather prepares the body to heal itself. If you are not ready and willing to heal yourself it does not work.

Isn’t that what so many quacks say? If you don’t get better, it’s your fault because you don’t believe enough.