When the economy tanks, psychics prosper

I should have seen this one coming.

After all, the economy’s been in the crapper for several months now. Things are bad and getting worse, with the bottom not yet in sight. So who could prosper in this environment, except for repo men and liquor stores?

Psychics, of course:

NEW YORK (CNN) — The housing crisis will deepen, the country could fall into a depression and laid-off workers may need to start their own business.

New York psychic Roxanne Usleman says the bad economy had been good for her business.

If this sounds like the advice of a financial planner or an economist, think again. It’s a reading from psychic medium Roxanne Usleman.

As the economy tanks, Usleman’s business is booming.

“It’s more types of people I have never seen before,” says Usleman. “Men in the business world, high-powered jobs, stock market, Wall Street.”

Since last fall, she says she began to see a new type of client — a “logical, [A-type] of personality.” Many of them are “just completely lost,” says Usleman.

Relationship advice, typically the bread and butter of the psychic business, has been supplanted by something new.

“Should I merge with this company? Should I bring in a partner to my company,” are the kind of questions Usleman gets from her clients.

I hadn’t realized that the desperation had gotten that bad. On the other hand, given how badly these guys’ decisions have turned out and how the Wall Street class, through their shortsightedness and greed have managed to plunge the world into the worst recession since World War II, the wag in me can’t resist wondering if their following the advice of a psychic could be any worse. I do, however, have to acknowledge one person quoted in the story as an early frontrunner for the award of Understatement of the Year:

Financial adviser Ryan Mack says adding the cost of a psychic reading into an already stretched budget is not a good investment.

“Regardless of what the stars say, regardless of what the map says in terms of — if Pluto is lined up with Mars,” says Mack. “You have the ability within yourself to save, to plan and to be diligent.”

Yep. Of course, I can’t resist asking: If Usleman is such a good psychic, why didn’t she see the economic disaster we find ourselves in coming?