Andrew Wakefield: Worst person in the world

I’m not as big a fan of Keith Olbermann as I used to be. Indeed, sometimes he strikes me as the liberal version of Rush Limbaugh, not to mention a blowhard. However, occasionally, he still has it, and when he’s on, no one skewers the dishonest better than he does. For instance, after a media flack and the usual inclusion of Bill O’Reilly as runners up, meet Andrew Wakefield, the Worst Person in the World for February 10, 2009:

That about sums it up right now.

I wonder how long before the antivaccinationist loons descend on Olbermann’s website and try to tell him that Paul Offit is the Worst Person in the World. Feel free to send him a congratulatory message at [email protected]. You know the antivax zealots will be deluging his mailbox.