Andrew Wakefield: Scuzz-wo

I don’t know what “scuzz-wo” means, but I agree that Andrew Wakefield is one. My only nit to pick is that the puppet flirts a little too close to conflating the thimerosal scare with the MMR scare. There never was any thimerosal in the MMR vaccine. But that’s just a nit, and as a blogger it’s my job to pick it.

First Stephen Colbert takes on Jenny McCarthy. Now, a puppet eviscerates Andrew Wakefield. He is nothing but a joke now.

You know, though, the puppet Stephen Colbert’s description of Jenny McCarthy reminds me of her son’s doctor, if you know what I mean:

“Now sure, she’s not the kind of expert who relies on facts and figures….She knows what she feels is true. She’s that kind of expert.”

Yeah, that about sums it up.