I get e-mail, too

I realize that PZ seems to have all the fun when it comes to entertaining e-mails from cranks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes get my share of such amusement. For example, yesterday, waiting for me in the morning in my e-mail in box was this delightful gem:

From: [email protected]
Subject: the dark force behind the global crisis
Date: February 23, 2009 12:29:07 AM GMT-05:00
To: [email protected]

To friends of life on Earth,

There is a dark force working to undermine all ecosystems on Earth.

This force is a trans-century cult that calls itself the Illuminati — because its members believe that one day they will be “illuminated” and become gods on Earth.

Illuminati members have infiltrated all world politics and control all financial systems.

They have engineered the present financial crisis and they are responsible for the events of 9/11 and for the majority of false-flag events in recent history. Through war and other means, they are responsible for the hyper-poisoning of the planet.

Earth will not survive their machinations.

Radio interviews from ex-cult members Svali and Mary Ann:


Mary Ann

Freemasons’ connection to the Illuminati:

The Illuminati are the secret players behind the present apocalyptic political scene, and they must be brought out from behind the curtain before our planet is destroyed.

Many Illuminati cult members are held to the cult by fear alone and would turn away from it, if it were challenged by the light of public inquiry.


Jock Doubleday
Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc.
A California 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation

If you want to be removed from this list, please hit reply, type remove in the subject line, and hit send.

I appreciate Jock’s leaving me instructions on how to get off of his e-mail list, but the material he supplied me about the Illuminati was so fascinating that I don’t know if I want to be taken off his list.

In any case, Jock Doubleday, if you recall, is the genius behind the bogus $180,000 Vaccine Challenge, a challenge that, whenever someone actually offers to take him up on it, he seems to find a reason to run away. Indeed, several doctors have offered to take him up on it. After this kind e-mail from Jock, I’m half-tempted to take him up on it myself. I realize it’s a totally bogus challenge, but it might provide me with amusement.

After all, pharma shill that I am, I must obviously be part of the Illuminati. I’ll be fine, no matter how many “toxins” Jock tries to get me to swallow.