Bizarre iPhone behavior, or is it AT&T?

So here I sit in the Phoenix airport, which (woo-hoo!) has free wifi, contemplating a most puzzling problem.

My iPhone, which was working just fine last night and which still seems on the surface to be working fine is behaving most strangely. My wife tried to call me, but I couldn’t pick up because it happened to be while I was on my way through security. So I called her back, and, while I could hear her, she couldn’t hear me (although on one attempt it seemed that I couldn’t hear her either). 3G and Edge networks both work fine for surfing the net, sending and receiving calls (except for the fact that the person on the other end apparently can’t hear me), sending and receiving e-mail and text messages, and everything else. No physical trauma occurred that might have broken the phone, at least not as far as I can tell.

The only oddity that I noted was that when I rebooted the phone this morning it failed to reboot and came up with a strange error message. Then I rebooted it again, and all seemed fine.

Weird. Has anyone ever had this happen before? Is it software, hardware, or AT&T? I guess all I can hope is that it’s OK when I get back home or that it can be fixed by resetting the phone to factory settings and reinstalling the software. Otherwise, it’s off to the AT&T Store tomorrow after work.

Can Orac survive being cut off from the hivemind for that long?