In which Orac sits back and lets someone else take on Jenny McCarthy’s “autism charity” for a change…


Regular readers of this blog know pretty much what I think of Jenny McCarthy. In brief, she’s an opportunistic, scientifically ignorant but media-savvy twit whose hubris leads her to believe that her Google University education, coupled with her personal anecdotal experience, render her proclamations that vaccines cause autism and that “biomedical” quackery can cure it more convincing than all that boring science, epidemiology, and clinical trials. Indeed, her critical thinking skills are so poor that she was once a huge booster of the “Indigo Child” movement, but had to try to purge the Internet of all traces of her involvement with that woo in order to be reborn as a “mother warrior” fighting to cure autism–or at least to keep parents from vaccinating their children. Or, as the mad Photoshopping skills of Rebel Macaque parody her, she’s a medical whackaloon, much as all the others parodied are. (The tattoo on her right arm is a particularly brilliant addition to the parody.)

But if you think I’m tough on poor ol’ Jenny, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Check out this series of posts from The Daily Gonzo:

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  3. “What’s Wal-mart? Do they sell walls and stuff?”
  4. Generation Revenue
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Personally, what I find most amusing about Generation Rescue and Age of Autism is how hypocritical they are. They castigate, for instance, Dr. Paul Offit for having had his work funded by pharmaceutical companies, going so far as to call him “Dr. Proffit”; yet they chase after every dollar they can from sponsorships by purveyors of dubious “biomedical” treatments for autism. Meanwhile, Jenny and Jim command big bucks on the speaking circuit (Jim more than Jenny; being a real, as opposed to washed-up, star has its advantages).

Anyway, it’s very relaxing and amusing for me to let someone else dump on Jenny McCarthy and her “autism charity” Generation Rescue for a while, while I just sit back and enjoy. Every so often, even Orac needs some down time.