The 107th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: OMG! A podcast!

Well, here’s a new way of hosting a Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle. What we have this time is the combination of a minimalist presentation of the relevant links with a maximalist bit of podcast blather from Theo Clark of The Skeptics’ Field Guide. Go check it out!

Next up is PodBlack Cat on March 26. Start firing up your skeptical keyboards and be sure to give her the material she needs for yet another awesome carnival!

In the meantime, we’re always–and I do mean always–on the lookout for hosts, both those who’ve hosted before and newbie skeptical bloggers who want their chance to make a mark on the blogosphere. It’s one thing that helped get my blog off the ground, and it could for yours too. If you’re interested (and who wouldn’t be?), check out the schedule and guidelines, as well as the instructions for hosts, and then drop me a line.