WTF? That’s all I have to say.

A few weeks ago, having fallen asleep on the couch watching TV, I awoke to an ad for a most wondrous product. Well, not exactly. In fact the product, known as a Snuggie, left my scratching my head. Three questions came to mind:

  1. Who on earth is too stupid to use a blanket?
  2. Who on earth would buy a product that makes them look either like a complete dork, or a monk with a fuzzie robe?
  3. Would anyone actually go out in public with such a thing?

That’s why, on a Sunday when my brain’s too fried to write anything about science (or even that coherent), I was happy to see the cheap and quick blog fodder of the WTF Blanket:

For comparison, here’s the original Snuggie commercial:

Is the WTF Blanket the best Snuggie parody out there?