Springtime for Stupid, or: Beware, a wave of stupid is about to fall upon the nation. Again.


Get ready for some serious stupid, folks, stupid that threatens to engulf all reason, as a black hole engulfs all nearby matter that falls into its gravitational field.

Although I knew that Jenny McCarthy was soon to release another book promoting autism quackery, I had thought it wasn’t coming out for a month or two. The book is entitled Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide, written by Jenny and her partner in autism quackery Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. Dr. Kartzinel, some may recall, wrote the foreword to Jenny McCarthy’s very first paean to autism quackery back in 2007 and was properly lambasted by Autism Diva and Kevin Leitch for saying things like:

Autism, as I see it, steals the soul from a child; then, if allowed, relentlessly sucks life’s marrow out of the family members, one by one..”

Unfortunately, accompanying the release of Jenny’s latest antivaccine screed is a rather extensive media appearance schedule, as announced by Generation Rescue. I suggest that you get out the barf bag before you read it. The usual suspects are there, of course. Credulous, doddering enabler of the antivaccine movement, Larry King, will be having Jenny and Jim on Larry King Live this Friday night, and, depressingly, she’s going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow. Finally, if you want any more evidence than what I’ve presented that The Doctors is a horrible, horrible show promoting false health scares that vaccines cause autism and even autism quackery falsely “balanced” as co-equal with scientific medicine and all the studies that have failed to find even a hint of a link between vaccines and autism, look no further than the fact that on April 17 and episode of The Doctors featuring Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Kartzinel, J. B. Handley, and Stan Kurtz, and a “recovered family” will be taped for viewing later. My guess is that it’ll air in May, just in time for sweeps.

Oh joy. These “Doctors” should have their medical licenses revoked.

It looks like it’s going to be a painful spring for practitioners and supporters of science-based medicine and those of us who detest pseudoscience and quackery. Indeed, the propaganda pace is accelerating; Jenny used to release just one book a year, usually in September, but this time it’s only been about six or seven months since her last book. I should have seen it coming. April is Autism Awareness month, and since I first discovered the issue I noticed that the antivaccine movement always cranks up the crazy in April. Always.

In any case, it looks to me as though the antivaccine movement won’t be content with its current low body count. It wants to spread its poison throughout the U.S. As it was in the U.K., it will be aided and abetted in this task by credulous media that either loves controversy or thrives on the mantra of “balance.”