Random (deserved) swipes at Jenny McCarthy

Anyone who’s read this blog for more than a month knows my dismal opinion of Indigo woo girl, ex-Playboy Playmate, and gross-out comedienne Jenny McCarthy, who since having a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder has transformed herself from D-list celebrity to A-list, where the “A” stands for “antivaccine.” Her combination of obnoxiousness, the arrogance of ignorance, and a dogged determination to stoke the embers of the discredited idea that vaccines somehow cause autism have endangered public health in this country in the year and a half since she published her first autism book. Worse, hers is the face that launched a thousand quacks, autism quacks, that is, as she has has repeatedly claimed on the Oprah Winfrey show that she “cured” her son Evan with biomedical woo.

Which is why I do so love a good takedown. Two, in fact:

  • The Jenny McCarthy Body Count. Unfortunately, Jenny McCarthy’s antivaccine misinformation may very well have a body count before it’s all over.
  • Vaccine Denial = Scientific Illiteracy. Definitely NSFW because Jacob Dickerman seems to be channeling Comrade PhysioProf on vaccines, but very amusing and spot on. More amazingly, it’s an actual voice of sanity with regard to vaccines on the Huffington Post! Shocking, I know. Scientists had better check to make sure the earth is still spinning properly on its axis. What makes me think that it still is is that antivaccine loons like Nancy Hokkanen have shown up, along with the other antivax hordes who read HuffPo.