The Jenny and Jim antivaccine show on Larry King Live

Over the weekend, a lot of readers sent me links to Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s appearance on Larry King Live. (If you can’t stand watching the embedded video of the segment, the transcript is here.) Fortunately for me (and, I hope, you), a “friend” of mine has written a comprehensive takedown of not just the nonsense spewed by Jenny and Jim, but of a new “study” released by Generation Rescue purporting to show that nations with low numbers of mandatory vaccines have low levels of autism. Of course, it shows nothing of the sort.

Find out why at Science-Based Medicine.

Given that there was so much misinformation packed into a ten minute segment that there was no way for a single post to cover it all, feel free to help out by picking your favorite bit of nonsense and deconstructing it in the comments below.

Also check out these glorious additional deconstructions of J.B. Handley’s nonsense: