Best anti-homeopathy poster ever?

You be the judge!


Clicking on the picture will lead you to a blog post where you can download a high resolution version suitable for printing up and either distributing or putting up on a bulletin board or wall. I particularly like that it was made by The American Institute for the Destruction of Tooth Fairy Science.

My only objection to the poster is the use of the word “shit.” Don’t get me wrong here. Yes, it’s accurate. Yes, it’s appropriate. No, I’m not some sort of prude who never uses the word and wilts at the very sight or sound of it. My problem with it is that its inclusion on the image means that I can’t actually print up and post this beautiful (and brief) mockery of homeopathy on my lab door or on the bulletin board in my office. I can’t put something like that up in public at work. So I started thinking of alternatives that get the message across but without any curse words.

How about something like:

If water has a memory, then homeopathy is full of crap
Homeopathy: Potentized poo in sugar.

Yes, I do watch Dirty Jobs a lot, with its host, Mike Rowe, who likes to use the word “poo” a lot. Come to think of it, perhaps Mike Rowe should do a segment of Dirty Jobs segment at a manufacturer of homeopathic remedies. Why? Think of the potentized poo!

Come to think of it, we skeptics need to be doing more of this sort of thing: Getting the message across in pithy, well-designed illustrations that can be put on posters, flyers, and such. If anyone out there has mad Photoshop or Illustrator skillz, a skeptical mind, and a warped sense of humor, let’s see what you can do! Send me your illustrations, and I’ll post them, along with credit and a link to your blog. My only requirements is that they be skeptical and suitable for posting virtually anywhere.