The mindset of an antivaccinationist revealed, courtesy of Jake Crosby of The Age of Autism blog

Readers may have noticed that we’ve had a minor antivaccine troll infestation in a couple of previous posts. It’s no big deal of course, hardly worth my attention–except for one thing. That one thing is that a certain member of the antivaccine propaganda blog Age of Autism, for which no evidence that vaccines are not associated with autism is strong enough to penetrate its collective Borg-like hivemind and no study suggesting that vaccines are associated with autism is too execrable not to trumpet to the high heavens as “vindication” that the antivaccine cult is correct, arrived to tell us in no uncertain terms why the antivaccine movement has much more in common with a cult religion than it does with anything rational.

In response to my comment that “no amount of science…will ever convince them that vaccines don’t cause autism,” what to my wondering eyes should appear but Jake Crosby showing up in the comments to confirm that I am absolutely right about this:

“Amount” doesn’t matter. A million “studies” claiming the Earth were flat wouldn’t make it true. Likewise, pseudostudies claiming no association to autism consistent with overwhelming evidence of a CDC-cover up will only further convince me that vaccines cause autism.

This is the mindset we’re dealing with in Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, J.B. Handley, Barbara Loe Fisher, and the rest of the antivaccine movement. They all know that vaccines cause autism and are uninterested in anything that might challenge that belief. Science doesn’t matter. Evidence doesn’t matter. Epidemiology doesn’t matter. Reason itself doesn’t matter. None of them matters, other than how they can be twisted to make post hoc conclusions that support the antivaccine belief system, and any scientific evidence conflicting with that belief system must to them be the result of a CDC or big pharma coverup. This is all just like a cult, where, the more evidence is presented to members that they are in a cult, the more tightly they cling to their cultish beliefs.

I love Jake’s quote. I love it because it shows me what we’re dealing with in, free from the linguistic calisthenics of someone like David Kirby, who is far too clever ever to state it so baldly but, as you will see if you examine his writings carefully, is every bit as much a member of the cult as Jake. He’s just able to disguise it better. At the same time, I hate Jake’s quote because it shows that science will never be enough to convince the hardcore members of antivaccine movement that vaccines do not cause autism.

After all, Jake just said so.