Get yer Anti-Vaccine/Jenny McCarthy Body Count Widget right here!

Remember the Jenny McCarthy Body Count website that I mentioned last month? Basically, it’s a website that uses CDC reports and other sources of information to estimate the number of cases of and deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases in the U.S. since Jenny McCarthy started her antivaccine crusade back in late summer 2007. The site points out that it is not blaming Jenny McCarthy for all this disease and death but that she should bear at least part of the blame for them because she has become the public face of the radical antivaccine movement. That’s something I’ve been saying for a while, and something against which Jenny has tried to inoculate herself by, when asked about the decreases in vaccination rates leading to outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases in areas where the decreases have been the steepest, blaming big pharma for not making vaccines that are “safe enough” to her. Never mind that “safe enough” to Jenny McCarthy is clearly an impossible standard that no therapeutic or preventative measure could ever meet. In fact, it’s an utterly disingenuous gambit, because time and time again Jenny McCarthy has shown that no level of safety, no decrease in the level of risk, is “safe enough” when it comes to vaccines, although, oddly enough, she doesn’t mind injecting one of the most lethal toxins known to humans into her face.

In any case, thanks to Martin over at The Lay Scientist, you can now have a Jenny McCarthy Body Count Widget installed on your–yes, your–blog! Advertise to the world the price of Jenny McCarthy’s idiocy every day. Choose from either the Antivaccine Body Count version:

Or the personalize it with the Jenny McCarthy version:

Personally, when I get around to installing the widget on my sidebar, I’ll install the Anti-Vaccine Body Count version. As important as Jenny McCarthy has become to the antivaccine movement, she is not the sole person to blame for the decline in vaccination rates that risk more and larger outbreaks. The antivaccine movement existed long before McCarthy discovered it, and it will exist long after she finds some other “project” to move on to.