If you think anti-vaccine loons are just crunchy left-wing New Agers, think again

One of the stereotypes of anti-vaccine loons is that they are predominantly left wing New Agey ex-hippie types, usually well-educated and affluent. Certainly recent stories out of California indicating that Marin and Sonoma counties are ground zero for declining vaccine rates would seem to back up that stereotype. However, there is a right wing religious variety of antivaccinationist, and it’s hard not to point out that Representative Dan Burton (R-IN) is arguably the best friend the mercury militia has in Washington. But if you want to get a true flavor of right wing paranoid whackaloon, you can’t get much worse than a blog to which I was referred yesterday, that of the wife of Pastor Steven Anderson of Faith Word Baptist Church. In her blog, Anderson’s wife Zsuzsanna holds forth on Vaccines and Population Control:

We do not allow any of our children to be vaccinated. This decision was not based on emotion, but on studying the issue in depth over the course of several months.

As you’ll see, if this is the sort of “study” Zsuzsanna engaged in, I’d hate to see what she says when she doesn’t actually look into an issue. If you really want to see crazy in action, watch Zsuzsanna go:

Today, I would like to draw attention to the fact that as parents, we really do not know what our children are being injected with, some of which will stay in their blood stream for the rest of their lives. I do not trust our government with its anti-God agenda and our modern medical establishment that knows next to nothing about health with my child’s lifelong wellbeing.

For example, one way to be able to identify all humans beings for life would be to inject them with a harmless virus that is unique to each individual. The body would then develop antibodies to that specific virus, and for the rest of his/her life, this person could now be identified after a simple blood test. I agree that this is a crazy notion, but sadly, governments are wicked and often pursue wicked ideals at the expense of human population.

Did you just see that? She just admitted her ideas are crazy? She’s basically equated vaccination with the “number of the beast” or some sort of method of permanent identification. She even admits her idea is crazy, but nonetheless thinks it plausible because…well, she’s a paranoid loon, that ‘s why.

Even if the government did have some sort of nefarious designs on the population and wanted somehow to make sure they can identify each and every person residing in the U.S. for life, there’s a much more straightforward and more accurate way to accomplish that end than injecting them with individualized vaccines with a virus that’s “unique to every individual.” Instead, the government could just mandate that every newborn had to have its cheek swabbed for a DNA sample. If such a database were ever established, then any person could be identified by simply taking a DNA test and searching the database. No need to make millions upon millions of “individualized” viruses, which would require technology that doesn’t exist yet! The technology already exists!

Be afraid, Zsuzsanna. Be very afraid.

From her paranoid ramblings and utter lack of understanding about vaccines or science, Zsuzsanna then runs straight to a non sequitur, by pointing out that she read somewhere that It said that the number one cause of unnatural death worldwide is being murdered by one’s government. Even if that’s true, it does not follow that the guv’mint is preparing a vaccine Armageddon to control her children. In fact, it’s even worse! It’s a plot to destroy women’s fertility:

This is an interestig article about the WHO’s mass tetanus vaccination program in the 1990s in developing countries. It raised suspicions because only women of child-bearing age were vaccinated. After the vials were tested, it was found out that they were contaminated with hCG, a hormon women produce in order to sustain their pregnancy. After being vaccinated with it, women then developed anti-hCG, with the result of repeated miscarriages due to the anti-hCG in their blood stream.

That’s right! Vaccines are a New World Order plot to implement population control, whether the populace wants it or not! Here’s what really happened. The campaign to link the tetanus toxoid vaccine to hCG was to discredit efforts to develop an anti-fertility vaccine designed to prevent pregnancy for 1-2 years by targeting hCG. Here’s how the rumors were started and intentionally spread:

After these rumours were spread, attempts were made to analyse TT vaccines for the presence of hCG. The vaccines were sent to hospital laboratories and tested using pregnancy test kits which are developed for use on serum and urine specimens and are not appropriate for use on a vaccine such as TT, which contains a special preservative (merthiolate) and an adjuvant (aluminum salt). As a result of using these inappropriate tests, low levels of hCG-like activity were found in some samples of TT vaccine. The laboratories themselves recognised the significance of these results, which were below the reliable detection capabilities of the adjuvant or other substances in the the vaccine and the test kit. However, these results were misrepresented by ‘pro-life groups with the resulting disruption of immunisation programmes.

When the vaccines were tested in laboratories which used properly validated test systems, the results showed that the vaccines clearly did not contain hCG.

So, in other words, where it’s New Age nonsense that tends to drive left wing resistance to vaccines, but in right wing circles it tends to be very much based on Christian religion. Either that, or you can look at it as antivaccinationists using whatever tool will work for whatever audience. For a religious conservative, suspicious of the government to the point where she views President Obama as a “liar and deceiver, and the puppet of a global shadow government run by financiers,” believing that in vitro fertilization is “politically correct eugenics,” rejoicing when her little kids parrot anti-Obama nonsense that Obama is “worse than the faggots,” and believing “homos are filthy animals,” concocting rumors that vaccines somehow impair fertility and prevent women from pumping out the mandatory “quiverfull” is a great propaganda strategy, as is labeling them some sort of “New World Order” conspiracy to control people. Unfortunately, Zsuzsanna was more than receptive to both lies. Also, like the crunchy, ex-hippie-types with whom she shares antivaccine views, she’s also into other woo, like water birth.

Depressingly, like the woo it is antivaccinationist nonsense is the pseudoscience that knows no political boundaries, although somehow I find it even scarier in a woman like Zsuzsanna. Against such stupidity derived from a combination of the arrogance of ignorance and scientific illiteracy, all yoked to homophobia and paranoid conspiracy mongering, the gods themselves contend in vain.