“Have the conservatives in just two and a half months out of power become everything they hate about the loony left?”

One more reason why John Stewart and his writers are geniuses is here, where he examines the “Tea Parties” we in the U.S. were subjected to three days ago, including one in my own town:

How is it that to the right comparing Bush to Hitler was overblown and unfair over a great many issues, including the war in Iraq (a criticism that I actually agreed with, even though I was thoroughly opposed to the war–think Hitler Zombie), but putting Obama’s head on a Seig Heil-ing Hitler body is perfectly fine over taxes? In fact, I had thought of doing a Hitler Zombie piece on the sign below (briefly shown in the clip above):


But that’s pretty standard (and brain dead) Republican fare these days. I thought it couldn’t get worse, but I was wrong. Routine Obama/Hitler references aren’t enough. They were far eclipsed by this sign:


Because, you know, not making the Bush tax cuts permanent is exactly like the mass extermination of Jews by Hitler. Spot on analogy, there, Einstein.

You see now why the Hitler Zombie didn’t bother to make an appearance? He already had as the protests were being organized by FOX NEWS, leaving not two neurons to rub together between all the people who were carrying those preprinted Obama/Hitler signs.


There are certainly legitimate criticisms to make of the stimulus package as potentially being too large and generating too much additional debt to be added to our already staggering national debt. There are even more legitimate criticisms of how the various bailouts the government has been handing out to banks are more likely to help the proverbial Wall Street than Main Street (God, I hate that cliche, but got sucked in to using it anyway).

But comparing Obama to Hitler and his policies to advocating white slavery just shows the hypocrisy of the right. The right made political hay every opportunity it got when the left compared Bush to Hitler, labeling the comparison hopelessly and irredeemably offensive from 2002-2008. I actually agreed and detested such overblown analogies. I agree now that comparing Obama to Hitler is at least equally offensive and find it amazing how, after only three months of an Obama Administration, the right apparently now considers it perfectly fine and dandy to use the same gambit that they railed against mere months ago. I guess the Hitler gambit is fine, as long as it’s used against politicians conservatives don’t agree with, just as certain elements of the left now appear equally hypocritical in complaining to high heaven about the Obama/Hitler analogies after having so joyously used the same gambit against Bush so recently, particularly in antiwar protests. (John Stewart is not among them, by the way; I recall him making fun of the Bush/Hitler analogies as well.)

Be that as it may, truly John Stewart has nailed it. The conservative movement has morphed into what the right considered the loony left.

In the meantime, the protesters at one particular “Tea Party” were pretty darned brain dead, as John Oliver so hilariously showed: