In case you wondered whether David Irving is a Hitler admirer…

David Irving has made a career out of being a Holocaust denier and then protesting when someone calls him a Holocaust denier. As you may recall, he even sued Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt for correctly referring to him as a Holocaust denier in one of her books.

Let’s take a look at what’s on his website today. If you go to Irving’s main website and click on today’s newsletter, this is what you will see as a flash screen before the website goes to the newsletter:


That’s right! It’s a big fat, sloppy 120th birthday kiss to Adolf Hitler, straight from David “I’m not a Holocaust denier” Irving! What was that again about not being an unabashed Hitler admirer?

It’s not even good history. Thanks to Hitler and his invasion of the USSR, the “Bolsheviks” ended up having the opportunity to rule Eastern Europe for over 50 years. If anything, after enslaving most of Europe himself for nearly six years, Hitler opened the door for the enslavement of Eastern Europe for nearly three generations. Not only that, but he did this after having started a war that resulted in the utter destruction of his nation’s cities and much of Europe as well, a war whose wounds that have not yet entirely healed. In the process, Hitler took genocide to the most organized, industrialized level the world had ever seen, a brutal, bureaucratic killing process that, fortunately, the world has not seen since.

That is Hitler’s legacy, and it’s why I have a Nazi-related holiday that I much prefer celebrating over Hitler’s birthday. And it’s only ten days away!