Pet psychic finds blown away Chihuahua?

Well, the weird news just keeps coming in from my hometown. This time around, consider the case of Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell is a tiny Chihuahua weighing all of five pounds. This poor little creature met nature in a most unfortunate way on Saturday, when some rather heavy storms swept through southeast Michigan. It turns out that storms and Chihuahuas don’t mix very well (as you might expect), and poor Tinker Bell discovered that in a most harsh way:

Tinkerbelle was with her owners, Lavern and Dorothy Utley of Rochester, when a powerful storm swept into the Dixie Land Flea Market in Waterford.

The storm packed wind gusts of more 70 mph.

One of the gusts lifted up Tinkerbelle and carried the dog away.

“They tried to catch her too but nobody could. The wind had her and she was just going on and her collar was found across the street,” said Dorothy Utley. “She flew and she went over three lanes into the woods.”

Joe Goldberg is the manager of the flea market.

He said the storm came up suddenly and began sweeping away equipment from the more than 100 vendors at the site.

“It was just like the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and Toto,” Goldberg said.

The Utley family searched the area through the weekend.

I can feel for the Utleys. Really, I can. I may not be a big fan of Chihuahuas. (I prefer larger dogs.) I would never make fun of anyone who lost their dog. I can totally understand their going to radio stations for help, which apparently the Utleys did on Monday morning. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. But how? Surely you must be able to guess.

That’s right. Enter…the Lorrie the Pet Psychic:

A pet psychic “thought we were looking in the wrong place,” Dorothy Utley, Tinker Bell’s owner, said Monday. “She said, ‘I’d like you to go over and look under things and up high and on hills.’ She said she was going to be up high.”


“The animal speaks to me,” Lorrie the Pet Psychic said Monday. “She was telling me she was OK. … I’m just so happy for her, that they have her home. I don’t call myself a hero or anything.”

And another account:

Then, an unexpected call Monday brought the family new hope of finding Tinkerbelle.

“Well, we were on a local radio station this morning for about two and a half hours, and a psychic had called and she had told us that we were doing the wrong thing,” Dorothy Utley said. “She told us what to do and we went and found her … she came running out of the woods like a little rabbit.”

The Utley’s said the psychic told them exactly where to find the dog, on a hillside across the road.

The Utley’s said Tinkerbelle was unhurt, but very hungry.

Let me see. Could it be that this “pet psychic” knew the area? Certainly, it doesn’t take much to guess that, if Tinker Bell had survived, she would be on high ground somewhere. There’s also the likelihood that this is one of those occasions when the psychic got lucky. Certainly there’s no evidence that any “pet psychic” can communicate with pets using any sort of psychic powers. Not that that stops Lorrie the Pet Psychic from making such claims:

I am a Third Generation Psychic / Medium.
I have been using my gift for the past 16 years.
I have been blessed with this Psychic gift to communicate with
animals and humans so let me share my gift with your animal and you!
Your animal or pet does not need to be in crisis to have a reading.
Mini Reiki Energy Treatment with each reading, no extra charge.
I can help you with your lost animals I can help you find the right
animal needs for your (Breeding, work animal, companion).

I am not limited to the animal realm. I also read Humans.

Nice of her to include a bit of that ol’ reiki woo in with the mix at no extra charge. Of course, at $80 for a half hour of psychic “work,” I’d expect some extras myself, especially if Lorrie doesn’t even need to meet the pet in order to communicate with her. So, yes, let’s throw in a little of that distant healing reiki woo on top of the psychic readings of the pet. Is there anything easier to do? After all, there’s no way anyone could ever disprove anything a pet psychic says about what a pet is thinking, especially if it’s a dog. After all, say that the dog is thinking of food, play, chasing squirrels, or belly rubs, and you’ll rarely be far off the mark, although, of course, again there would not be any way to tell one way or the other.

Of course, Lorrie has lots of testimonials. So what do I know?

I just had a frightening thought. What if Lorrie had pulled a Sylvia Browne and said that poor Tinker Bell was alive when, in fact, being blown across the road killed her? I suspect she would have had an answer for that, too, namely that she had communicated with Tinker Bell from across the Great Divide. Psychics, pet or human, always get their plays from the same basic play book. Although I’m happy that the Utleys have their beloved dog back, I’m not so happy that they have given so much publicity to such woo.