Sigh, another HuffPo atrocity against medicine

PalMD, PalMD, PalMD…why did you have to make me aware of this?

What Most Doctors Won’t Tell You About Preparing for the Swine Flu

The blogger, Lisa Sharkey, opines:

What can I do to keep my family safe? How can I boost our immune systems now and what complementary medicines can I begin taking immediately, regardless if I ever come in contact with the dreaded Swine Flu?

You know what sort of answers are coming, I bet. That’s right: Supplements, herbalism, homeopathy, reflexology, tapping, this post is a veritable cornucopia of quackery for swine flu, with Sharkey touting it all as “immune-boosting.” But more interesting is where she got her information from:

Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has the worlds most popular natural health on line newsletter says he’s never seen so much traffic, with his visitors all clamoring for this information. He told me how we can begin to protect ourselves now without drugs or needles.

Surprise, surprise! It’s Dr. Mercola, über-quack, whose website is third (and not by much) only to John Scudamore’s and Mike Adams’ for unabashed promotion of virtually every quackery under the sun. Sharkey’s post is nothing more than a regurgitation of Mercola’s opportunistic melange of woo served up custom-made to bring traffic from Google searches for “swine flu” and “alternative medicine.”

All with this:

Author’s note: This swine flu story on alternative and complementary medicine is not meant to replace anything you hear from you doctor, the WHO or the CDC, but is meant to show you some natural ways to enhance your overall wellness in addition to any medication you may need either to prevent or treat the flu.

Of course. Now HuffPo’s bloggers are prefacing their health posts with disclaimers, a.k.a. The Quack Miranda. How appropriate. I only wish they’d been doing that all along for posts by the antivaccine contingent that’s infested HuffPo since 2005.

It’s as if the swine flu scare has brought all the worst quackery elements out of the woodwork at HuffPo. Wait. Strike that. There’s no “as if” about it.