Proof that Oprah Winfrey is utterly beyond redemption…


Double ugh.

Sitting in my e-mail in box this morning were lots of your e-mails warning me about a bit of news that shows definitively that Oprah Winfrey is beyond redemption, at least when it comes to any sort of medicine or science (not nice, given that I hadn’t even had my morning coffee yet).

The reason? Jenny McCarthy has inked a deal with Winfrey’s Harpo Studios to develop a syndicated talk show and other media projects, including a blog, which has already started dishing out the stupid, albeit (thus far) not about vaccines and autism. Apparently sensing that her advocacy of the New Age woo known as The Secret was not enough, Oprah appears to have decided that anti-vaccine quackery sells, and she doesn’t care whom it kills as long as she can make some money at it. Given that Oprah is now giving a major platform to Jenny McCarthy to spread her quackery, I now say that, along with Jenny McCarthy, Oprah should get some of the blame when the inevitable outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases increase beyond where they already are, thanks to McCarthy’s “efforts.” After all, she is now supporting the pro-disease movement.

Remind me again: Why does anyone respect or admire Oprah?