The best snark at Oprah Winfrey…

…comes, from of all places, Gawker:

Oh, good, Oprah is going to give Jenny McCarthy a talk show, because she wants your kid to die of the measles.

McCarthy, a famous celebrity from the long-defunct Playboy magazine and much missed MTV channel, has been on a crusade to find an evildoer responsible for her son’s autism. She settled on vaccines, because why not. And now she spends a great deal of time on TV explaining that the mercury that has not been vaccines since 1999 is giving all the kids autism, but it can be cured with Chelation therapy, which has so far only killed one or two autistic kids, so good on you, Jenny.

So famous TV empress Oprah Winfrey signed Jenny to a multi-year multi-platform deal that will include a syndicated talk show. The show will be called “Finding Someone to Blame When Bad Things Happen.”

Yes, I could quibble that mercury-containing thimerosal was removed, aside from trace amounts, from childhood vaccines other than the flu vaccine by the end of 2001, not in 1999 (which was the year when the AAP and CDC recommended the removal of thimerosal, a decision that took a couple of years to come to full fruition), but I agree with the sentiment. It is all about blame and the need to blame something–anything–for autism. That’s what Jenny McCarthy is all about, and she’s used it to propel herself to the point of having a shot at Dr. Phil or Rachel Ray territory. Truly, she has ridden the autism and vaccine quackery horse back from New Age Indigo woo to fame and fortune.

And Oprah is about to catapult her to the next level.

Still, when celebrity gossip rags start ragging on you for supporting antivaccine lunacy, you know you have a problem. Oprah has a problem. Not that Oprah cares. She’s rich, and she’s Oprah. Why on earth should she care if more kids become ill from vaccine-preventable diseases and if some of them even die because she gave a platform to an anti-vaccine loon like Jenny McCarthy to spread her poison about vaccines and frighten parents with pseudoscience, misinformation, and lies? There’s money to be made! And if there’s one thing Oprah is very, very good at, it’s making money.

If the price is a few more dead kids, well what are a few more–or even many more–dead kids to her? She’s Oprah, after all.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to Skeptigirl for her concern about my possibly developing crippling finger injuries from all the blogging and facepalming. I’ve been at this for four years; I’m made of pretty stern stuff, although I will admit that the union of Jenny and Oprah did test my mettle.