Discover: Why Does the Vaccine/Autism Controversy Live On?

Unfortunately, Orac has been feeling a bit under the weather since last night–so much so that he actually did something he rarely does and stayed home from work.

But enough with the third person schtick. If I feel better later, maybe I’ll post something. Hopefully I’ll be back to 100% tonight and can produce the usual Insolence that readers know and expect for tomorrow. Right now I can’t say. What I can say, however, that, whatever I post, at least today it won’t be about Jenny McCarthy’s and J.B. Handley’s appearance on The Doctors yesterday. My gastrointestinal status is tenuous enough as it is, and I see no need to stress it by watching that barf-inducing display. Adding extra nausea due to watching Jenny McCarthy spew her stupidity and J.B. Handley rant on ignorantly on top of my current nausea could push me over the edge.

I will, however, refer you to some good reading on the topic. Chris Mooney has written an excellent article for Discover entitled Why Does the Vaccine/Autism Controversy Live On? You might even recognize one or more of the people he interviewed.

Now there’s a reasonable remedy to calm my queasy stomach: Actual science and reason in a major popular science magazine.