The case of chemotherapy refusenik Daniel Hauser: I was afraid of this

Maybe I was wrong.

I praised the decision of Judge Rodenberg last Friday, in which he placed chemotherapy refusenik Daniel Hauser in the custody of his parents and ordered them to take him to an oncologist and have him undergo repeat staging studies in order to determine the extent of his Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I did mention my one reservation was that leaving Daniel in the custody of his mother did run the risk of their fleeing to avoid the court order. Unfortunately, shades of Katie Wernecke, that’s exactly what they appear to have done:

Daniel Hauser and his parents, Colleen and Anthony Hauser, were to appear in Tuesday in the southern Minnesota city of New Ulm. A judge had ordered the boy to undergo a chest X-ray to see how his Hodgkins lymphoma was progressing.

But only Anthony Hauser appeared in court. He testified that he last saw his wife and son on Monday morning.

He said his wife told him she was going to leave and “That’s all you need to know.”

This is, of course, disastrous for Daniel, as there is no way of knowing how long it will take for child protection authorities to find them. Meanwhile, his tumors are growing. It also makes me wonder if Anthony Hauser agrees with his wife and her decision to support Daniel’s rejection of chemotherapy, given that he didn’t go with them. I’m having a hard time deciding if he’s an accessory or simply unable or unwilling to challenge his wife on this. Either way, the path is clear now. When Daniel is found, now there will be no choice but to take him the custody of his parents.

My only fear now is that the Judge will broker some sort of dubious “compromise,” as was done in the case of Katie Wernecke, allowing her to travel to Kansas to undergo high dose vitamin C therapy, or Abraham Cherrix, who was allowed to accept a highly questionable and dubious form of “immunotherapy” in addition to radiation therapy and instead of chemotherapy.

ADDENDUM: More details have come to light:

Dr. James Joyce, the Hauser’s family physician, testified today that he had taken an x-ray of Daniel Monday, which showed that his tumor had grown back to its original size.

Joyce said he gave Colleen Hauser the names of three oncologists, but she declined to take them.

Judge Rodenberg has issued an arrest warrant for Colleen Hauser and ordered that Daniel be put into foster care and immediately evaluated by a pediatric oncologist when he is found.

It doesn’t look good for Daniel. Precious time has been wasted, and his chances of survival decrease the more time passes and the larger his tumors grow. It’s quite possible that, if Colleen can avoid the law long enough, it won’t matter what treatments Daniel has any more. His tumor will have grown too much. Not will his chance at a complete remission decrease, but it could end up requiring a much harsher treatment, a bone marrow transplant, to achieve it.

Of course, if Daniel dies, the alt-med enablers who facilitated his death will blame the initial course of chemotherapy and the stress of the court, rather than admit that their woo doesn’t work and they led him to his death.

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