I wonder what the “toxins” brigade of anti-vaccine loons will think of this

I know I’ve been very, very harsh on Jenny McCarthy. After all, she has become the face of the anti-vaccine movement in America, and her activities are directly endangering children. Let’s take a look back, oh, a few days to a video that she made in which she decried all manner of “toxins” in vaccines as the cause of autism, including aluminum (which is not toxic at the doses used in vaccines), mercury (which is no longer in most childhood vaccines other than in trace amounts), antifreeze (there is no antifreeze in vaccines), and ether (again, there is no ether in vaccines). Then look back a year and a half, to when she was doing the same thing, and just as dumb.

Yesterday on her blog, she writes under a photo of her getting her hair done:

Bleach and Aluminum, hmmm can I throw a few more toxins on there?

And then:

I guess this is what one might call a hypocrite. I talk about staying away from toxins, yet I bleach the hell out of my hair every month. It’s tough to avoid everything that is not good for you. Yes, I have given up a lot so far, but I don’t think I can ever let people see me with my original haircolor. Yuck. My hairdresser had just told me a couple of grays were seen. WHAT?!! Come on. I finally just got rid of my adult acne! Will my armpit hair turn gray one day too?

So let’s see. Bleach and other “toxins” used to treat her hair? OK. Botox? Jenny loves injecting it into her face! In other words, to Jenny, it’s perfectly fine to bathe in deadly “toxins” if it’s done for beauty, but tiny amounts of substances that aren’t toxic at the doses contained in vaccines represent a horror, even though vaccines prevent disease and have saved more lives than any other medical intervention ever conceived by humans. Anything for beauty but not even a 1 in a million risk is acceptable to prevent potentially lethal vaccine-preventable diseases, and Jenny makes a joke of it.

Hypocrisy is the least of her offenses. It still boggles my mind that this is the best the antivaccine movement can come up with. It boggles my mind even more that Oprah Winfrey would sign her up to spread her stupidity. It boggles my mind that denialists can still, after all the mountains of scientific, clinical, and epidemiological evidence that do not support their paranoid beliefs that big pharma and the CDC are conspiring to “poison” their children with vaccines to make them autistic.

I guess that even after all these years, I still can’t understand such irrationality.