Oh goody. Homeopathy awareness week begins

I bet you didn’t know this (maybe because of homeopathic publicity), but today is the first day of Homeopathy Awareness Week, which runs from June 14 to 21.

It turns out that I’m torn over whether to mention or do much about this. On the one hand, publicizing the magical, mystical thinking that is homeopathy serves a purpose in emphasizing time and time again just how utterly implausible from a scientific standpoint homeopathy is, how most studies showing and “effect” from homeopathy are seriously flawed, and how the best quality studies of homeopathy show it to be no more effective than a placebo. On the other hand, why provide homeopaths publicity this week by doing lots of posts about homeopathy, given that that is exactly what the purpose of “awareness” weeks or months of any kind is?

Still, keeping in mind that homeopathic principle that dilution and succussion makes a remedy stronger, would ignoring Homeopathy Awareness Week be the equivalent of diluting it and thus making it stronger?

Decisions, decisions…