Where better to celebrate the Summer Solstice than Stonehenge?

This reminds me of my trip to England two years ago, when my wife and I did visit Stonehenge:

However, what I’d really love is to have the title this guy has:

Druid King Arthur Pendragon told the BBC shortly before sunrise: “It’s a very nice atmosphere and everything’s fine at the moment.

“There have been more police present this year, more security, but everything’s passed off very jovially and everyone’s in a good mood.

“And the police for the most part are wishing people a happy solstice and so are the security guards.”

Druid King? How cool is that? Think of it: Druid King Orac. Personally, I think that sounds even better than Druid King Arthur Pendragon. Still, I have a hard time not thinking of a certain scene in This Is Spinal Tap.