ScienceBlogs’ ads are going to be the death of me (or at least my reputation)

I may be a little late to the party, but that’s because my laptop happens to have ad blocking software installed. However, blog bud PalMD rubbed my nose into a little kerfuffle that’s been going on here the last couple of days. Basically, some really, really bad advertisements have been popping up. Ads for quackery like this popped up:


Lovely. Here I am pointing out why the NIH Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy is an unethical boondoggle of a quackfest, full of violations of the most basic protections for human subjects, and what’s appearing above my post?

Ads for chelation therapy! And I saw an ad for chelation therapy on the sidebar again a mere couple of hours ago. I haven’t seen any since then, but having seen them so recently, I have to assume that these ads are still popping up.

There’s even worse, though. As Isis, Zuska, and GrrlScientist pointed out, there were ads for Russian mail order brides. Ads for quackery are bad enough, but ads that can contribute to human trafficking are even worse than that. Apparently they came about when a new ad service was hired. Obviously, there was a failure to communicate or implement proper guidelines and filtering for these ads. Whatever the case, they’ve riled both our readers and many of us bloggers, and rightly so! How can Orac, scourge of quacks, tolerate having his peerless prose seen next to ads for chelation therapy? I’ve been castigating chelation therapy since my days back on Blogspot, long before I even joined ScienceBlogs.

The Seed Overlords are aware of this and assure us that these ads will be eliminated. I certainly hope so. When I first joined ScienceBlogs, one thing that I made very clear is that I couldn’t be associated with ads for pseudoscience or quackery. I’m willing to take our Overlords at their word and give them some time to make things right. They’ve been benevolent Overlords thus far. I also understand that times are tough, and ScienceBlogs is ad-supported. That’s why I am generally not excessively picky about the advertising that supports this blog. There are limits, though, and even in these touh economic times ads for quackery and mail order brides are not acceptable.. However, if these ads persist, I may be forced into a decision that I don’t want to have to make.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Certainly I am. I just hope the ad staff and techies haven’t taken off for the 4th of July weekend. My tolerance will be zero by Monday.