The Homeopathic A & E

I love Mitchell and Webb, and this is just one reason why. They totally get homeopathy, as this video e-mailed to me by a reader demonstrates:

Pay close attention to the signs in the A & E. Too bad this is too late for Homeopathy Awareness Week.

And they’re funny, to boot. While I’m on the subject of homeopathy, I know I’ve posted it before, but it’s never wrong to repost an oldie but goody, the classic Homeopathic E.R.:

Here in the States, it’s one of those rare long holiday weekends spanning Friday through Sunday instead of the usual Saturday through Monday. Because I’m working on a couple of papers and a grant, as well as polishing up a talk I have to give next week, posting will probably be light. I will, however, have to find time to torture one of the quack cancer cure websites that have been popping up in ScienceBlogs’ ads. In fact, I think I’ll just keep doing that until the ads are gone.