TAM7 Respectful Insolence meetup?

I’m back from the Penn & Teller Show at the Rio. It was, as usual, highly entertaining. I haven’t seen P&T since sometime in the late 1990s in Chicago, but they’re just as good as I remember them.

Next issue: Shy and retiring putz that I am, it never occurred to me that any of my readers might want a meetup until one reader asked me about it yesterday. Perhaps my thoughts were colored by the memory of the couple of times before when I tried to do this with embarrassingly minimal to nonexistent responses. Judging from Twitter, though, there are at least a handful of you out there who, for FSM knows what reason, want to meet up with me. (Trust me, I’m not nearly as interesting in person as I am here on the blog.) Since I’ll still be at TAM7, the least I can do is give it a try. I was thinking Sunday sometimes around 11:30 PM or noon (i.e., lunchtime) outside the conference hall. (I still want to make it to the Million Dollar Challenge at 1 PM.)

If you’re still at TAM and have any interest in a meetup, either leave a message here, e-mail me, or respond to my Tweet last night about a meetup. I’ll be in the vicinity, and now some of you know what I look like…