Jenny McCarthy and Oprah Winfrey: Cartoonists are starting to notice

Ever since Jenny McCarthy hitched her fading star to the anti-vaccine movement and managed to get Oprah Winfrey to go along for the ride, she has become the public face of the anti-vaccine movement. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been nearly as much blowback as there should be in the mainstream press, although bloggers have been all over McCarthy’s promotion of the worst lies of the anti-vaccine movement and advocacy of autism quackery. Then I came across this the other day:



I’m of two minds on this. While it’s a good thing to see cartoonists ridiculing Jenny McCarthy and Oprah for their promotion of anti-vaccine views, I can sympathize with Sullivan when he writes:

There are many reasons I have for being vocal about my objections to Jenny McCarthy. Public health, that’s obviously a big one. Making the rest of the world look at the “autism community” as a bit of a joke, well that’s another.

That is perhaps the saddest thing about the anti-vaccine movement. Its sheer lunacy is unfairly and unjustly tainting the autism advocacy community by association.