The “Health Ranger” Mike Adams needs your help for his wiki!

I’ve had a lot of fun over the last couple of years deconstructing the black holes of woo that a certain advocate of “natural” remedies likes to lay down on a regular basis. Yes, I’m referring to a guy named Mike Adams, who runs a website called Indeed, Adams has made a bastion of quackery and outright wingnuttery.

Apparently that isn’t enough.

I don’t know how long it’s been around, but apparently Mike Adams is branching out. Now he’s decided that he wants to do a wiki about “natural” living. He’s calling it, appropriately enough, Naturalpedia:

Welcome to, the free encyclopedia on natural health and natural living. This site was created (and funded) by and is designed to provide a natural alternative to, which has become too strongly influenced by drug companies and western medical biases.

Of course. So what does Adams want to do about it? This:

Please help contribute to Feel free to post truthful information about natural cures, natural products and natural living. Although this site is just being launched, in time it will grow to be a large and valuable resource on the kind of natural living wisdom that the FDA and other corrupt authorities would prefer to banish from the internet.

Far be it from me to turn down such a heartfelt request.

Does anyone remember Wiki4CAM? Remember how much fun people had producing scientifically accurate articles for it, or, even more amusingly, seriously hilarious parodies? Ultimately, the creators of Wiki4CAM caught on, although even now, a year later, Wiki4CAM represents a big fat FAIL, full of credulous, non-science-based articles about various “alternative” therapies.

Oddly enough, there’s very little content in Mike Adam’s Naturalpedia. Maybe we can help. All of these articles were posted last week; so maybe it’s just that Mike hasn’t had a chance to add a bunch of articles near and dear to his woo-loving heart. So maybe–just maybe–we can do for Mike Adams now what we did for Wiki4CAM and add a bit of science-based discussion of various “alternative” medicine topics. After all, we did it once before nearly a year ago.

I’m sure Mike will be grateful for the help. While we’re at it, I wonder if Wiki4CAM still needs help, too. There don’t appear to be very many articles there, even nearly a year later.