Reader e-mail: Nothing like a little intelligent criticism to start my day

While I’m holed up in my Sanctum Sanctorum grinding out prose that I hope will keep my lab funded for another three years, I’m going to fall back on a lazy blogging trick to keep the posts flowing for one more day, namely the obnoxious reader e-mail. (Don’t worry, there’ll be new insolence tomorrow.) This time, I’m feeling the love from a reader named Shawn, who, unlike yesterday’s correspondent, was not polite. It’s not as wingnutty as some of what P.Z gets (come on, guys, you can do better!), but it’s entertaining nonetheless:

You and Stephen Barrett should be butt buddies. Mr quackwatch himself has been exposed as a fraud numerous times ( , and his rampant campaign to discredit anything that doesn’t have to do with drug based “medicine” is very similar to yours. You guys are birds of the same feather: quacks!

Your sphere of influence is rapidly shrinking buddy. Can you feel it?

No, but I can feel the heat of the burning stupid emanating from your e-mail. But you did give me an opportunity to insert a link for Quackwatch into this post, thus doing my small part to improve its Google ranking while using the rel=”nofollow” tag for any link to your favored site.

In any case, Shawn appears to be someone who frequents the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation Bulletin Board. If he is representative of the scintillating wit and sterling intelligence that characterizes those forums, it looks like we’re looking at another or I had previously been unaware of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, but, thanks to Shawn, I promise to take a look in the near future, even though looking at the dubious diagnosis of and treatment for chronic lyme disease is usually one area that I leave to my blog buds PalMD or Steve Novella. Thanks, Shawn.