Up all night

The last couple of nights, I guess, have proven that Orac is not quite as durable as his namesake. Having been up nearly all night working against a deadline for my Komen Foundation grant application and only gotten a couple of hours of sleep each of the last couple of nights, this morning, I’ve got nothing. I overslept by over an hour and came flying into work all late and discombobulated. (Fear not. Thursday is not my O.R. day. My patients are safe.)

So what does a blogger do in this circumstance, when he’s all tired and has zero time to produce a substantive post? What else? Open thread! Have at it!

Tomorrow, it may be time to address the Huffington Post issue again. Or not. I haven’t decided. Whatever I write, it’ll probably be either more entertaining or more incoherent than usual (or both) because I’ll be sleep-deprived.