Essential reading: A comprehensive takedown of Dr. Sears’ The Vaccine Book

You may remember a couple of months ago, I took Dr. Bob Sears to task. Dr. Bob, as you may recall, wrote a book that has become the bane of pediatricians everywhere, namely The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child. In this book, Dr. Bob, while oh-so-piously proclaiming that he is “not anti-vaccine,” lays down in his discussion of childhood vaccines a credulous treatment of many anti-vaccine canards in a sort of “I don’t believe vaccines cause autism, but…” sort of fashion. When last we saw him on this blog, Dr. Sears had decided to let his anti-vaccine freak flag high and utterly destroy any vestige of medical or scientific credibility that he had by actually writing a post for that bastion of anti-vaccine propaganda, that fully owned subsidiary of Generation Rescue, namely Age of Autism. As I wrote at the time:

What interests me more than his science-free “alternative” vaccine schedule is why Dr. Sears agreed to write an essay for AoA. The reason I’m so curious, of course, is that Dr. Sears clearly craves respect and legitimacy. He says over and over again that he is “not anti-vaccine” and neither is his book. He was clearly very offended when Dr. Offit lumped him in with the anti-vaccine movement, just as Dr. Jay Gordon acts oh-so-wounded when I describe him as an apologist for the anti-vaccine movement if not an anti-vaccine advocate himself. Clearly, Dr. Sears is not happy being on the outside and craves the respect of his peers.

I have bad news for Dr. Sears: Being associated in any way whatsoever (other than as a staunch opponent) with the anti-vaccine cranks at Generation Rescue and AoA (and, make no mistake, AoA is nothing than a propaganda arm of Generation Rescue) is about as good a way of destroying whatever medical or scientific credibility you might have had left as I can think of. Really. You might as well start publishing your work in JPANDS and presenting at Autism One. No, it’s worse than that. You might as well start writing posts for The Huffington Post. No, wait. Skip the Huffington Post. That’s not anti-science enough. Instead go straight for WorldNet Daily. Heck, skip WND and go straight for the Weekly World News or start hanging out with the Geiers in their basement lab in Silver Spring. After agreeing to write a post for AoA, you might as well, because you’ve just put a bullet in the head of whatever remnants of medical credibility you had left (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Really, writing for AoA is just that bad; it’s just that full of cranks. There’s an old saying: “If you lie down with a dog, you risk waking up with fleas.” Right now, Dr. Sears should be feeling a bit of an itch coming on.

It turns out that Dr. Sears’ book was even worse than I thought. Pediatrician and skeptic Dr. John Snyder has actually read Dr. Sears’ book. In response, he’s written the most comprehensive takedown of The Vaccine Book that I’ve ever seen. Read it; learn from it; love it; send it to your pediatrician; send it to any parents who think that Dr. Sears has a clue what he’s talking about.