The Bad Astronomer apparently gets a more famous class of crank in his comments

I’m soooo envious.

Why and of whom am I envious? I’ll tell you. Phil Plait, a.k.a. The Bad Astronomer, attracts a more famous class of antivaccine loon. He’s managed to attract Dr. Joe Mercola himself in the comments of a post about anti-vaccine zealots:

If you TRULY are interested in finding out the truth about this topic you are encouraged to attend the Fourth International Public Conference on Vaccines in Washington DC in October.

The top experts in the world on this topic will be presenting and you can really understand the science rather than criticize individuals out of your ignorance.

No thanks, Dr. Joe. I have better things to do with my time and money. I will, however, refer you to my analysis of your impending little quackfest. Really, I’m surprised the NVIC didn’t invite John Scudamore. I’ll also refer Dr. Mercola here for some of the science about vaccines and here for a combination of snark and science.

I also invite my readers to have a little fun with Dr. Mercola by visiting Phil’s blog if you are so inclined.