Another correct response to Obama/Hitler and health care reform/Nazi analogies

Sorry, but I guess I was incorrect when I pointed to Barney Frank’s blistering putdown of a woman with a picture of President Obama decorated with a Hitler mustache who likened health care reform to Nazi policies as being the “only? correct response to such vile and obvious guilt by association gambits. Here’s another, from a Jew at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas, who, while talking about the national health care system in Israel, was subjected to “Heil Hitler” salutes from another clueless woman:

The crazy is strong in this woman. Clearly, the Hitler Zombie has feasted on the thin gruel that must have been in her cranium before her outburst. I’m surprised she has enough neurons left to talk.

I want to ask, “Can’t we all just agree not to use such idiotic Hitler analogies?” But I know it’s a lost cause. I’ve been criticized for piling on such easy targets, but these people are everywhere, and many of them really do believe that President Obama is the new Hitler and any attempt at health care reform is the equivalent of the T4 euthanasia program and healthcare for the volk.

(Hat tip to Ed.)

ADDENDUM: Here’s the same woman, apparently interviewed just before she yelled “Heil, Hitler!” in the video above.