Still more evidence that infectious disease returns when vaccination rates fall

This time, the evidence comes from New Zealand:

Notified measles cases so far this year are already seven times higher than the total number of measles cases last year.

The reason? The third-lowest immunisation rate in the OECD, despite the fact immunisation is free and widely and readily available. Our immunisation rate is about 83 percent – to be effective it needs to be 95 percent.

This video goes into more detail.

Whenever vaccination rates fall below the threshold of herd immunity, the door is left open for diseases once thought vanquished to return with a vengeance, first through localized outbreaks and then in a more widespread fashion. It’s happened in the U.K., where measles was thought to be under control 14 years ago and was declared endemic again last year after nearly a decade of fear mongering about the MMR vaccine from Andrew Wakefield, aided and abetted by the British press. If we keep it up letting Jenny McCarthy and other know-nothings in the anti-vaccine movement frighten parents with misinformation and pseudoscience, it could very well happen here too.

Don’t think it can’t.